The command rpg start provides new players a basic guide for the game. It is recommended to supplement the information in this basic guide by investigating commands on your own through rpg help.


Welcome, {Player}!

The main purpose of the game is to reach higher areas to become stronger and unlock new commands.

There are a total of 21 areas in this game. Each area will have a new set of enemies, new dungeons, commands, items etc. The player will always start in Area 1.

How do i play?

Start by getting coins and XP doing the hunts and adventure commands, remember to heal often to not die and lose a level! You can always check your HP and progress with "rpg profile".

Start crafting better gears to be stronger and be able to defeat your enemies with ease! Whenever you feel ready, buy a dungeon key and test your skills by going into a dungeon with a friend, or even up to 4 players! Defeating the dungeon will unlock the next area, and a harder dungeon.

How do i get items though?

Use the working commands available to you, which currently is either fish or chop. These items will be used to craft better gears for yourself, or you can trade them.

Use shop to see what items you can buy with your current amount of coins!

Cool.. but I don't have any money. What do I do?

You can always get more coins through daily, weekly and vote commands!

Anything else?

Make sure to check the Beginner's Guide page to have a basic starting guide.

Read the rules so you make sure you follow the rules and lastly, check the help command to have an idea about all the commands you can try!