The enchant command is used to add an enchantment to your sword or armor.

Enchantments increase the stats of your sword/armor. There are a total of 13 possible enchantments.

The enchant you get is completely random and will replace your existing enchant, which means there is also a possibility of downgrading your enchant.

After you reach level 101+ in your enchanter profession, you will have a chance to earn money in an enchant instead of losing it.

Sword or armor can appear to be "broken" while enchanting. Note that this is only a hidden event that can trigger and your sword/armor will not actually break. See events for more information.


The command usage is:

rpg [enchant/refine/transmute/transcend] [sword/armor]

Examples: rpg enchant armor, rpg refine sword

Possible enchants

These chances are not official and were calculated by analyzing 18,863 enchants. Refine and transmute calculated by using the probability of enchanting. The exact chances are unknown. Based on enchanter being level 1 and having no tier 8 horse buff.

Restricted enchants:

  • OMEGA - Unlocked after the first time travel (TT1+)
  • ULTRA-OMEGA - Unlocked after the third time travel (TT3+)
  • GODLY - Unlocked after the fifth time travel (TT5+)

Command tiers

Higher tiers of the enchant command are unlocked in certain areas, these commands have a enchanting multipler, which multiplies the cost of the enchantment and the chances of getting a better enchant.

Command Area required Enchanting multiplier
Enchant 2 1
Refine 7 10
Transmute 13 100
Transcend 15 1000

The average result is equivalent for all commands, so it's just better to use the highest one available because less commands have to be used to achieve the desired enchant.

The cost is calculated by the following formula:

Coins = [max area] * [multiplier of enchanting command] * [time travel enchanting multiplier]

Enchant boost

The Sword/Armor enchantment will improve your overall ATK/DEF stats, roughly based on these formulas:

  • ATK = (level + cooked stats + sword attack) * horse bonus * enchantment bonus
  • DEF = (level + cooked stats + armor defense) * horse bonus * enchantment bonus

Horse bonus refers to the horse boost percentage shown in "rpg horse". Enchantment bonus refers to the enchantment boost percentage shown in "rpg help enchant" or in the table above.

Possible boosts

When you have a tier 8 horse or above, your chance for better enchantments are increased greatly.

There is a time travel multiplier, which increases both price and efficiency for better enchantments depending on your time travel. You can see this boost with rpg time travel.

Enchanter profession increases the chance for better enchantments (see below) but the boost is unnoticeable.

Enchanter profession XP

Refer to enchanter profession for information about enchanter profession XP earned through the enchant command and its upgrades.

Ascended players

Players who have unlocked ascended skill can use all four in any area as long as they have been in the area before, but the cost is still as follows. Moreover, that way players can gain access to enchantment in area 1.

For players who use the commands with ascended skill before reaching the required area, the word ascended needs to be typed after "rpg"; for example, "rpg ascended transmute sword".