Click the command for detailed information, the prefix of the bot is rpg.

Usage examples: "rpg start", "rpg hunt", "rpg profile".

Basic commands

Command Description Alias
help See a list of all commands. Additionally, can display more information on most items/commands h, commands
rules Displays some of the major Discord ToS rules that players should not violate
start Displays basic information to help give players an idea of where and how to start
profile Shows your current statistics, use 'profile @player' to see another player's stats p
inventory Shows your inventory, use 'inventory @player' to see another player's inventory i, inv
professions Shows your professions' progress, use "professions [profession]" to see exact profession experience pr, profession
top Shows the top players (there are server and global leaderboards) leaderboard, ranking
cooldown Shows your cooldown timers, use 'cd @player' to see another player's cooldowns cd
ready Shows your cooldown timers, but only the ready ones rd
quest Shows your current quest if you have one or get a new one if it is off cooldown. Use quest quit to leave your current quest.
epic quest Embark on an Epic Quest and fight against up to 15 waves of enemies. Requires you to have a SPECIAL type horse.
horse Shows the stats of your current horse.
title Shows the available titles for your profile and how to unlock them
background Shows the available backgrounds for your profile bg
hunt Used to find mobs to get XP and coins.
adventure Go on an adventure to kill a difficult enemy in your current area adv
duel Use duel @player to fight a duel with another player for coins, exp, and possibly guild rewards
dungeon Use dungeon @player to go into the area's dungeon with a partner and unlock the next area dung
arena Starts an arena, other players can join to get arena cookies
miniboss Starts a miniboss fight, other players can join to get coins
shop Used to show the item shop
lootbox Shows the available lootboxes and their possible contents lb
open Opens a lootbox
buy Buy an item or lootbox from the shop.
sell Used to sell something of your inventory
heal Use a life potion to heal your HP
give Use give @playername [amount] to give money to another player
trade Trade with the EPIC NPC. Trades are based on your max / highest area
epic-shop Shows the Epic-Shop where you can buy special items with Epic Coins. epic shop
chop Go chopping for wood, shares a cooldown with the other working commands
fish Go fishing for fish, shares a cooldown with the other working commands
craft Craft a piece of equipment or higher tier resource.
dismantle Dismantle a high tier resource for lower tier component resources
recipes Shows the available recipes
dice Throws a dice to gamble
cups Gamble your money trying to find a ball
blackjack Play blackjack with the bot bj
slots Gamble your money on slots
coinflip Flip a coin and guess which side it'll land on cf
wheel Spin a wheel
lottery Join a lottery to win huge pots of money
daily Get some daily free coins and potions, keep a streak going for more rewards
weekly Get some weekly free coins and a lootbox
vote Vote for the bot and get rewards every 12 hours
code Use codes to claim rewards
event Displays information on any ongoing event events
world Displays current boosts applied to all players

Commands unlocked on higher areas

Command Description Alias Area
enchant Enchant a piece of equipment with a random enchant 2
area Switch between areas 2
training Do some minigames for extra XP tr 2
axe 2nd tier chopping, gets more wood 3
net 2nd tier fishing, gets more fish 3
pickup Pickup fruits, shares a cooldown with the other working commands 3
ladder 2nd tier pickup, gets more fruits 4
guild Group up with other players and compete in weekly raids 4 [2]
farm Farm some crops and earn some XP while doing it 4
mine Go mining for coins and gems, shares a cooldown with the other working commands 5
multidice Play dice with another player 5
cook Cook food to buff your stats 5
bowsaw 3rd tier chopping, gets even more wood 6
boat 3rd tier fishing, gets even more fish 6
pickaxe 2nd tier mining, gets more coins and gems 6
refine 2nd tier enchanting for better results 7
big arena A harder arena with better results 7
tractor 3rd tier pickup, gets even more fruits 8
chainsaw 4th tier chopping, gets EPIC amounts of wood 9
bigboat 4th tier fishing, gets EPIC amounts of fish 9
drill 3rd tier mining, gets even more coins and gems 10
not so mini boss A stronger boss with better rewards 10
time travel Travel through time to start over once again 11 [1]
forge Make your edgy equipment ULTRA-EDGY 11 [2]
greenhouse 4th tier pickup, gets EPIC amounts of fruits 11
dynamite 4th tier mining gets EPIC amounts of coins and gems 12
pets See your list of pets and send them on adventures or fuse them. (Requires TT2+) pet 12 [2]
badge Shows the badges availables for your profile 12
ultraining 2nd tier training, unlocks the coolness system ultr 12
transmute 3rd tier enchanting for even better results 13
hunt hardmode A harder version of the basic hunt command hunt h 13
adventure hardmode A harder version of the basic adventure command adv h 14
super time travel 2nd tier time travel, choose a mandatory reward to start off the next run 15
transcend 4th tier enchanting for even better better results 15
epic npc -- TOP

[1] Area where the command is unlocked increases depending on the player's time travel count.

[2] Command is unlocked only once and will remain available in any area after time travel.

Other unlockable commands



Requirement to unlock
bank Shows your coins in the bank and the % exp boost for hunt/adventure Purchase from the epic shop for 2 epic coins
withdraw Use rpg withdraw [amount] to take coins out of your bank Have a bank account
deposit Use rpg deposit [amount] to put coins into your bank Have a bank account
coins Shows your coins, epic coins and bank Patreon Donator
life Shows your life Patreon Donator
stats Shows your attack, defense, and life Patreon Donator
equipment Shows your sword and armor along with the enchants as well as your horse and their type Patreon Donator
progress Shows your level, experience, and your current and max area Patreon Donator
marry Use rpg marry @playername to marry them Patreon Donator

(Super tier or higher)

divorce Removes your current marriage partner Married
hunt together Run the hunt command for you and your marriage partner Married
ascended Use any previously unlocked commands in any area All professions maxed out
pets tournament Register a pet for a chance to win and advance a tier Have a pet
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