Players can earn titles and badges that will show off what they have achieved while playing the bot.


Command: rpg title [ID]

With this command players can choose a title. Players can see the IDs of titles they have unlocked with rpg title.

Progress titles

Players can view personal progress with rpg achievements progress. (Or: rpg ach pr)

ID Title Description
1 Achievement beginner Get 10 achievements
2 Achievement fan Get 25 achievements
3 Achievevement enjoyer Get 75 achievements
4 Achievement appreciator Get 125 achievements
5 Achievement master Get 175 achievements
6 Normie player Start playing
7 Hunter Get XP
8 Still normie player Reach level 10
9 Super player Reach Level 25
10 Legendary player Reach Level 50
11 EPIC player Reach Level 100
12 EDGY player Reach Level 200
13 ULTRA player Reach level 500
14 OMEGA player Reach level 1000
15 GODLY player Reach level 4000
16 Traveler Unlock 5 areas
17 EPIC traveler Unlock 10 areas
18 SUPER traveler Unlock 25 areas
19 Economist Unlock the bank commands
20 new fren Get a horse
21 new fren 2.0 Get a tier II horse
22 RNG fan Get a tier IV horse
23 RNG enjoyer Get a tier VI horse
25 RNG god Get a tier X horse
26 Stonks Get a level 10 horse
27 SStonks Get a level 25 horse
28 SSStonks Get a level 40 horse
29 SSSStonks Get a level 65 horse
30 SSSSStonks Get a level 80 horse
31 SSSSSStonks Get a level 95 horse
32 Cool player Get 100 coolness
33 Cooler player Get 250 coolness
34 Even cooler player Get 1000 coolness
35 Even more cooler player Get 2500 coolness
36 Coolest player Get 5000 coolness
37 Cooler than the coolest player Get 10000 coolness
38 Time traveler Do a time travel
39 One time wasn't enough Do 2 time travels
40 I spend too much time here Do 5 time travels
41 OOF Do 10 time travels
42 OOFMEGA Do 25 time travels
43 Ascended player Unlock the ascended skill
44 new smol fren Get a pet
45 Many smol frens Get 5 pets
46 A LOT of smol frens Get 100 pets
47 ascended fren Ascend a pet
48 More ascended frens Use pet ascend 3 times
49 even more ascended frens Use pet ascend 9 times
50 yet more ascended frens Use pet ascend 27 times
51 The end? Unlock the TOP
52 smol fren 2.0 Get a pet tier II in a pet fusion
53 smol fren 5.0 Get a pet tier V in a pet fusion
54 smol fren 10.0 Get a pet tier X in a pet fusion
55 smol fren 15.0 Get a pet tier XV in a pet fusion

Dungeons titles

Players can view personal progress with rpg achievements dungeons. (Or: rpg ach du)

ID Title Description
56 Dungeon beginner Beat the first dungeon
57 Dungeon apprentice Beat the second dungeon
58 Dungeon expert Beat the third dungeon
59 Dungeon master Beat the fourth dungeon
60 Dungeon legend Beat the fifth dungeon
61 Dungeon... god? Beat the sixth dungeon
62 Dungeon (i dont know what to write here) Beat the seventh dungeon
63 Dungeon Beat the eighth dungeon
64 DRAGON SLAYER Beat the ninth dungeon
65 The final boss? Defeat the EDGY dragon
66 Nope it wasn't Defeat the ULTRA-EDGY dragon
67 THERE IS MORE Defeat the OMEGA dragon
69 Hey, it sounds like the last one Defeat the GODLY dragon
70 Aight this is it fr Defeat the TIME dragon
71 Ok maybe this time Defeat the TIME dragon but actually
72 The end Defeat the final boss
73 At least I don’t lose a level Die in a dungeon
74 What is the essence Obtain a dragon essence
75 Where is the essence Obtain 10 dragon essence
76 Why is the essence Obtain 100 dragon essence
77 EPIC PUNCH Beat a dungeon with an epic punch
78 yes Defeat the OMEGA Dragon while wearing the

OMEGA armor and sword, both enchanted to

OMEGA, and having an OMEGA lootbox in the inventory

79 no Defeat the GODLY Dragon while wearing the GODLY sword enchanted to GODLY and having an GODLY lootbox in the inventory
80 Aight imma head out Complete a dungeon without defeating the boss
82 THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM Defeat a dungeon boss on its second phase
82 oops Heal a dungeon boss
83 WHY Lose against a dungeon boss with 1 HP remaining

Multiplayer titles

Players can view personal progress with rpg achievements multiplayer. (Or: rpg ach mu)

ID Title Description
84 It’s easier with more friends, right? Complete a dungeon with 4 players once
85 Well maybe not, but it's fun Complete a dungeon with 4 players twice
86 Nevermind, I think it's actually easier Complete a dungeon with 4 players thrice
87 Special fren Get a [SPECIAL] horse
88 super special fren Get a [SUPER SPECIAL] horse
89 Social player Join or create a guild
90 Where is my xp Get a tie in duel
91 That was close Win a duel by 1 point of damage
92 Weak player Do 0 damage in a duel
93 Arena booster Boost an arena event
94 EPIC arena booster Boost 5 arena events
95 SUPER arena booster Boost 25 arena events
96 Arena fighter Start an arena event
97 EPIC arena fighter Start 3 arena events
98 SUPER arena fighter Start 10 arena events
99 Miniboss booster Boost a miniboss fight
100 EPIC miniboss booster Boost 5 miniboss fights
101 SUPER miniboss booster Boost 25 miniboss fights
102 Miniboss fighter Start a miniboss fight
103 EPIC miniboss fighter Start 3 miniboss fights
104 SUPER miniboss fighter Start 10 miniboss fights
105 Raider Do a guild raid
106 EPIC Raider Do 5 guild raid
107 SUPER Raider Do 25 guild raid
108 All of this for 9 cookies? Kill 9 players in a single arena
109 Wait, can this happen? Level up in miniboss
110 Why is this a feature? Fail a guild upgrade
111 Pog After a horse breeding, get both horses with the Poggers name
112 Let’s do it again Get a tie in multidice
113 Chad AFK Win a duel without using a weapon

Events titles

Players can view personal progress with rpg achievements event. (Or: rpg ach ev)

ID Title Description
114 FREE STUFF Trigger a random event
115 More free stuff Trigger 5 random event
116 Even more free stuff Trigger 15 random event
117 A lot of free stuff Trigger 40 random event
118 Seriously, why would the EPIC NPC want this? Trigger 100 random event
119 Mysterious player Meet the mysterious man
120 What dungeon does this dragon belong to? Beat a legendary boss
121 Free levels Beat 2 legendary bosses
122 Why are they so rare, boost the chance pls Beat 3 legendary bosses
123 Best dragon ever Beat the ruby dragon
124 tamks god Obtain coins from god
125 Tamks god (but epic) Obtain EPIC coins from god
126 Stonks! Get a special trade from the EPIC NPC
127 I guess it is not "mini" Join a not so mini boss event
128 Certainly not “mini” Join 3 not so mini boss events
129 100% sure this is not "mini" Join 10 not so mini boss events
130 DEFINETLY not "mini" Join 25 not so mini boss events
131 COOKIES Join a big arena event
132 MORE COOKIES Join 5 big arena events
133 EVEN MORE COOKIES Join 25 big arena events
134 A LOT OF COOKIES Join 50 big arena events

Special events titles

They're in the same category than events, although these titles are only for special events.

ID Title Description Event
135 strong fren Craft the horse armor Horse Festival 2021
136 smol fren fren? Get the pony pet Horse Festival 2021
137 Racer Complete a megarace Horse Festival 2021
138 Pumpkin slayer Summon and beat THE PUMPKIN BAT boss Halloween 2021
139 spooky fren Get the pumpkin bat pet Halloween 2021
140 6 more to go Get a monster souls Halloween 2021
141 Snowballist Win a snowball fight Christmas 2021
142 Caramelized player Eat a candy cane Christmas 2021
143 cold fren Get the snowball pet Christmas 2021
144 Christmas spirit Complete the christmas tree Christmas 2021

Working Titles

Players can view personal progress with rpg achievements working. (or: rpg ach wo)

ID Title Description
145 Blackswordsmith Craft a sword
146 EPIC Blackswordsmith Craft 3 swords
147 SUPER Blackswordsmith Craft 10 swords
148 MEGA Blackswordsmith Craft 25 swords
149 HYPER Blackswordsmith Craft 100 swords
150 Blarmorcksmith Craft an armor
151 EPIC Blarmorcksmith Craft 3 armors
152 SUPER Blarmorcksmith Craft 10 armors
153 MEGA Blarmorcksmith Craft 25 armors
154 HYPER Blarmorcksmith Craft 100 armors
155 Expert wood chopper Get an ULTRA log in chop
156 Farmer Get special seeds in farm from normal seeds once
157 EPIC farmer Get special seeds in farm from normal seeds twice
158 SUPER farmer Get special seeds in farm from normal seeds thrice
159 Worker Claim the first worker reward
160 EPIC worker Claim the second worker reward
161 SUPER worker Claim the third worker reward
162 MEGA worker Claim the fourth worker reward
163 Crafter Claim the first crafter reward
164 EPIC crafter Claim the second crafter reward
165 SUPER crafter Claim the third crafter reward
166 MEGA crafter Claim the fourth crafter reward
167 Lootboxer Claim the first lootboxer reward
168 EPIC lootboxer Claim the second lootboxer reward
169 SUPER lootboxer Claim the third lootboxer reward
170 MEGA lootboxer Claim the fourth lootboxer reward
171 Merchant Claim the first merchant reward
172 EPIC merchant Claim the second merchant reward
173 SUPER merchant Claim the third merchant reward
174 MEGA merchant Claim the fourth merchant reward
175 Enchanter Claim the first enchanter reward
176 EPIC enchanter Claim the second enchanter reward
177 SUPER enchanter Claim the third enchanter reward
178 MEGA enchanter Claim the fourth enchanter reward
179 Seriously, why would ANYONE craft these?

I can't believe I crafted these just for an

achievement with a long title

Craft the electronical armor and sword

Misc titles

Players can view personal progress with rpg achievements misc. (Or: rpg ach mi)

ID Title Description
180 You know, it's easier than checking my profile Try to use a life potion while healed
181 THAT WAS REALLY CLOSE Survive a hunt with 1 point of life
182 Codebreaker Use a code
183 Dead player Die once
184 Altruistic player Activate a world boost
185 Another one Kill the EPIC Guard
186 Aesthetic Use a profile background
187 ez Get an instant 21 in blackjack
188 Lucky player Get an ULTRA log from an EDGY lootbox
189 Very lucky player Win a lottery
190 Fastest horse Win a horse race
191 Strongest pet Win a pet tournament
192 Survivor Survive 15 waves in an epic quest
193 EPIC survivor Survive 50 waves in an epic quest
194 SUPER survivor Survive 75 waves in an epic quest
195 MEGA survivor Surive 100 waves in an epic quest
196 Basic player Complete the ninth dungeon with a basic sword and armor
197 Why would you do this? Time travel with a GODLY lootbox in your inventory
198 RNGod Get a time travel from a GODLY lootbox
199 Unlucky player Fail getting a pet with over 95% chance
200 EPIC smol fren Find a pet with an EPIC skill in training
201 My hands are tired Open 100 lootboxes at once
202 Top player Be on a global leaderboard of top
203 Cookie enjoyer Eat 12345 cookies at once
204 Expert sword enchanter Get a GODLY enchantment in a sword
205 Expert armor enchanter Get a GODLY enchantment in an armor
206 Oh, that’s a good one Drop an OMEGA lootbox
207 OH, THAT’S A GOOD ONE Drop a GODLY lootbox
208 Wait, where did it come from? Get the OMEGA badge
209 The chosen one ????

Seasonal Events titles

Titles acquired from Seasonal Events, one time use - if you switch from a season title to a title listed above, you cannot switch back unless the title reappears during the next seasonal event.

Requirement Title ID
Easter event Eggspert --
Halloween event PumpKING --
Christmas event EPIClaus --
this is the best title --
Valentine event Wood you be my Valentine? --
1st person to get Hamster

pet in Compensation Event

this is the best title --
Complete horse festival quest this is the best title --
Horse festival hOwOrse --
Complete Halloween Event 2021 Quest this is the best title


Command: rpg badge [ID]

Command is used for both equipping and unequipping.

Players can select up to three badges to display on their profile. Most badges can be obtained from reaching a certain amount of coolness points which are earned from the ultraining commands or sometimes by achieving epic results while playing i.e. crafting an omega sword, getting a GODLY drop, reach the end, etc.. A list of badges can be seen via the command: rpg badge list.

Badge Name ID Requirement
cool 1 1 1 coolness
cool 2 2 100 coolness
cool 3 3 200 coolness
cool 4 4 500 coolness
cool 5 5 1000 coolness
area 15 6 [1] Reach area 15
omega 7 ???
TOP 8 [1] Reach the TOP

[1] Note : Must be in the area when claiming